Cool Passion Cold infusion

Made in ItalySugar FreeCold Water InfusionA mix of fruits and flowers

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Welcome to a pure cool experience with Cool Passion!

This refreshing infusion gently dissolves in cold water, bringing with it the lively aroma of ginger, the sparkling freshness of lemon and the enveloping sweetness of mint. Immerse yourself in a summer breeze as the sparkling notes of ginger combine with the liveliness of lemon and the enveloping sweetness of mint.


This well-balanced combination will give you refreshment and pleasure in every sip. Envelop yourself in the fresh fragrance as the inviting scent caresses your senses. With every sip of WEWATER's infusion, you will feel your senses awaken as you immerse yourself in an experience of pure refreshment and intense vitality.

Thanks to its ease of use, Cool Passion dissolves quickly in cold water, allowing you to enjoy this refreshing infusion in moments.

Explore the lightness of summer with Cool Passion.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing break after a hot day or want to relax in the shade of imaginary trees, Cool Passion is the perfect companion to soak in the freshness of ginger, the sparkle of lemon and the enveloping sweetness of mint.

Discover the joy of summer with the WEWATER cold infusion and indulge in an infusion that nourishes the soul and envelops the senses, offering a moment of genuine refreshment with every sip. Get ready to explore the magic of a sparkling summer with this herbal tea, to be dissolved in cold water - perfect for use in the WEWATER infuser bottle, which you can keep with you at all times!

 10 sachets of 4 grams

WARNING: product may contain traces of nuts, barley, wheat, sesame, milk and lactose, eggs, sulphites and soya

Storage: we recommend storage in an odourless, cool, dry place, away from heat sources.

Best before: see seal

  • Cold infused
  • Produced in Italy
  • Enveloping aroma
  • Thirst quencher
  • A mix of fruit and flowers for infusion

Use it with the WEWATER water thermal bottle and always take it with you.
Preparing the cold infusion Cool Passion is very easy thanks to the integrated filter of the WEWATER thermal bottle. Insert the infusion packet into at least 200ml of cold water, wait 6-8 minutes and enjoy the full flavour of the Cool Passion mix at any time of day. The AROME water bottle keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

Energy Value, 4 kJ/1 kcal

Fats / of which saturates, 0,1 g (0,1 g)

Carbohydrates / of which sugars, <0,1 g (0,1 g)

Proteins, < 0,1 g

Salt, < 0,01 g


Acidifier: tartaric acid, [granulated_ginger], Granulated lemon, Mint leaves (42%), Sweet blackberry leaves

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Cold Water Infusion

The benefits

Energy and Vitality

Energy and Vitality

Cold infusions are a great option to rehydrate yourself when you need an energy boost. Ingredients like citrus or mint can stimulate the senses and give you a feeling of vivacity.


Cold infusions can contribute to your general well-being. In addition to maintaining water balance, these infusions can promote a feeling of well-being thanks to the beneficial properties of their ingredients.
Well-being and Recharge

Well-being and Recharge

Cold infusions lend themselves to a wide range of flavors and benefits. You can enjoy refreshing drinks that support your hydration and contribute to your personal well-being.

100% Natural

Only spices and fruit:

Produced in Italy

Herbs and flowers


100% compatible

Every sip is an explosion of flavour

Forest Scent